Linda and ee and creepy statue, 2013

David Sinkavich and ''aunt", 2013

1997 L toR:  David's wife (?), Linda's Dad: Regis, .ee., FJSii, ??, David, Patricia: Fran's last wife, Nicholas (?): David's son  

L to R: Cousin Sonny , Grandmother Elenora Vanderpool Lykens, FJS IIs back,  Cousin Carol (hidden), 

Aunt Esther Johnston, Cousin  Jeanne (with camera), .elle and Lee  (outhouse off to the left)

FJSII, ee, Linda

some strange girl   8-],  Lee and sister Emma 

Chester Lykens, and great grandson Jeffrey [?]

FJS could play most any instrument and had his own music school

Student of music...

1930s ?, taken by FJS, Lee standing in doorway. (this photo is so, well, Pittsburgh.)

Emma, Elenora, Lee taken by FJS

Lee, taken by FJS (yikes)

Emma and Lee taken by FJS

Emma as Marine, Lee

 (What were they thinking?) 

Emma, vic diorio, Lee, FJS

Lee in front of FJS (unknown accomplices)

Emma, Elenora, Lee (i think) 

Emma, Gerald Johnston (half brother), Lee

(great airplane)